Gekko SX7 Rotary Cleaning Head AR51G

gekko sx7

The Gekko sx7 hard surface cleaning head expands on the versatility of the original. It combines two tools into one for your versatile Gekko tool, replacing the need for a separate handheld and upright tool for both showers and countertops as well as cleaning hard surface flooring. The teardrop shape and front jet of this new design cleans closer to walls and corners than any competitive tool on the market. Read more

It is aggressive with even cleaning, especially in small areas like bathrooms and closets. It is ideal for use with truckmounts or high-pressure portable extractors to get a deep clean on tile, grout, concrete and stone surfaces.

  1. The Benefits of Using the Hydro-Force Gekko SX-7 for Hard Surface Cleaning

The new SX-7 cleans more effectively and with less water, which saves you money in the long run! It is also more durable and holds up to daily usage.
It can also be used for a wider variety of jobs than the old SX-7, which makes it a more cost-effective choice for professionals who regularly clean large surfaces.

Details & Features

The Hydro-force Gekko SX-7 Rotary Cleaning Head AR51G is a high-tech robot cleaner that makes scrubbing your floors an enjoyable experience. It has a variety of unique functions and a number of special features that make it one of the best robot cleaners on the market today.