Diving, The Best Tour You Can Do In Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba has a relaxed atmosphere typical of warm areas; in fact, the city is famous for
its good hotels with private beaches bathed by the Red Sea. Besides, there we tried
the best fish and seafood we had eaten in a long time.
This city in southern Jordan has become a summer resort for many Jordanians and
the perfect base of operations to start diving this is one of its great claims (the Red
Sea is an orchard of marine life).
The Best Things To Do In Aqaba
With the opening of new air routes, Aqaba has become the gateway to Jordan for an
increasing number of visitors eager to discover the country’s attractions. Besides,
Aqaba has a different tax regime, so taxes are significantly cheaper. This is obvious
in almost any product that is bought in the city, but in tobacco and alcohol, it is even
more evident.
Diving in Aqaba, the experience in the Red Sea
The Gulf of Aqaba was a strategic location for trade routes between Asia and Africa.
Four countries have access to this sea: Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Its
maximum depth is 2,130 meters; however, there are also shallow areas where we
find, in addition to corals, abundant marine life.
This spectacle of shapes and colors is no stranger to the many boat companies
that, departing from the port of the city, carry out diving or snorkelling activities in the
best areas near the coast. In our plan for the day, our main activity was to do some
diving in the Red Sea.
We left the port of Aqaba on a sunny morning on board the Yasmena boat, one of
the many ships prepared for excursions in this sea, in search of coral areas where
we can use our goggles, tubes and fins.
Despite the sun shining brightly, the wind in this area of ​​the country can be
important, so at the top of the boat, we were not as warm as we thought. The views
were impressive, yes. We sailed for about an hour before reaching the point that the
ship’s captain defined as ideal for the activity. To the left of the boat, we see a small
cove. There we would find a beautiful wall full of coral and tiny colourful fish (or so he
told us).
So, little by little and with a bit of freshness, we got ready for the dip. Without thinking
too much about it, we jumped and flapped our wings to begin to warm up. Under the
surface, we find a wall about 20 meters long, full of corals of all imaginable colours.
As we approached the fish of a thousand colours were more and more evident, what
variety, what beautiful coral structures, what a marvel.

Even so, we stayed in the water for 20 minutes; the cold was getting to us quite a bit,
so we decided to get back on the boat. Diving in Aqaba completed, short but
completed! We dry off and soon after we have a delicious grilled chicken with salad
for lunch.
Recommended Hotel In Aqaba
We settled in the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Aqaba, an establishment located on
the main street of the city that, despite not having a private beach, does have a
relaxing infinity pool with views of the Red Sea.
As there is little to visit in the city, we decided to take advantage of the heat of the
November rays and went straight to the hotel pool. The water was not heated, but
the views were magnificent, and the diving in Aqaba had left us quite tired.
Recommended Restaurant In Aqaba
At night we went out to dinner at Floka restaurant, located on the main avenue of the
city and whose speciality is fresh fish. As always, a delicacy, nothing was leftover. If
there is something that has characterized Jordanians during these days of touring
the country, it is their good appetite. Any table that we observe where there are local
people is full of dishes.
After touring the Red Sea, the city offered us little else. Finding ourselves at the
southernmost point of Jordan, we only had one more visit to complete the route
through the most interesting of Jordan. It was time to change diving in Aqaba for the
buoyancy of the waters of the Dead Sea, a place located below sea level and in
which it was almost impossible to dive.