10 Decoration Details That Will Revolutionize The House

The details make the difference. Many times, a small gesture with a person says much more than anything. Clothes also go for details , which is why accessories are usually added that give them added value and are a way to personalize them . And with the house? Can you also have details? There are small changes that mean a lot. Here are ten original and creative ideas that will make a difference.


1. Cushions with character


One of the best ways to change the style of spaces without having to move a piece of furniture is by changing the cushions. The result is spectacular. If you are looking for a more ethnic inspiration, you can add some brightly colored cushions with geometric prints. For a more romantic or classic air, the cushions should have soft tones and not very marked patterns, in gray or pale pink colors. To give the living room an industrial character, you can add some of these cushions with fabric that are reminiscent of old mail bags with stamped messages. Comfort and style at once.


2. Tableware that provides details


If details are important anywhere in the house, it is at the dining room table, so a change in tableware makes all the difference. A classic, for those occasions in which the table has to look impeccable, or a complete set of dishes for day to day. There are many different shapes (square, rectangular, round …) and different styles. A modern and informal one can be a white base plate with a border decorated with white and red squares or green and white lines, for a most poppy table.


3. New lamp, new light


Lighting is one of the things that should not be neglected in a home. Light is not only useful, it is also a decorative element and creator of environments. Therefore, if you are looking for a different touch to the house, you can change the lamps or the arrangement of the light. A good idea is to play with indirect light spots in the living room , which give a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you want a modern style, then you need a lamp base of retro or industrial inspiration. And in the kitchen? A Tiffany hanging glass lamp can be placed in the middle of the space.


4. Art at home


A collector’s item will be one of the best details for the house ; a touch of distinction that will beautify any room and that will change it completely. Any art lover surely has something in mind that they like: a painting, a small sculpture, a collector’s item … First of all, you have to find the right space: if it is a painting, you will find the right room and the wall where it will be located .; It must be illuminated correctly and it must be placed in a place where it can be admired. The same happens if it is a sculpture or a collector’s item: you have to find a leading role for them and not place next to them any other object that could distract attention.


5. Bedspreads with personality


The room can be imbued with a Mediterranean spirit, full of Ibizan flavor, with a light all-white bedspread. An idea that brings light to the room and is easy to combine. If you want something with something more character, you can try a bedspread in an intense aubergine color: the contrast with the rest of the bedroom will be spectacular. If you want something more colorful, orange is also one of the best options. Quilts printed with geometric or plant motifs are also a good idea.


6. Towels and Toiletries


One of the best ways to change the look of a boring bathroom is by using the bathroom linen and its accessories. A simple idea is to put ethnic-inspired towels and accessories with dark geometric prints. They will be practical and at the same time decorative: Everything will be in order and it will look like in a different bathroom. Some sets of towels of different colors and arranged on the shelf, as if it were a rainbow, will be a revolution: the different shades will give a cheerful appearance and it will be very decorative. It is important to always know how to play with colors.


7. Stylish curtains


They are a fundamental element for windows: they give atmosphere, decorate and regulate the entry of light into the rooms. If you want to change, you have to pay attention to how the room is decorated and what size it is: for the little ones, light colors are better so that light can enter through the curtains; If the decoration is stamped, it should be avoided that the curtains are also so because they dwarf the room. From here, the imagination is free. To create a romantic atmosphere, you can try light-colored, flowing curtains; If you want a more rustic air, you can try wooden bars and broad striped curtains and coarser fabric.


8. Aroma renewed with incense and scented candles


The house always has a characteristic smell, an aroma that belongs to it and that is representative of the personality of its inhabitants. It is about looking for a new smell for the spaces, it is not too intense, it is simple, it does not tire anyone and it does not become uncomfortable or unpleasant. Great, light scents can be achieved with scented candles or incense sticks. In addition, the scents can transport you to many places: a lavender one can make Provence feel very close, while fruity scents provide the image of a Mediterranean town. And the aromas of spices? Perhaps cinnamon will awaken new sensations …


9. Collage of mirrors for a chic look


Mirrors are a symbol of identity and, as the house always has a strong character and personality, it is essential that they have a lot of presence. Arranged like a collage, they add a different point to the decoration.


10. Flowers and plants, synonymous with life


Why not give the house that green and natural touch by decorating it with bouquets of fresh flowers and plants ? In addition, they look good in all corners of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, through the kitchen and the hall. You just have to add a plant in a room to give it a fresh and green air.